Electrical Test and Maintenance

In all businesses, routine maintenance of electrical plant and associated equipment should be carried out as part of a regular and ongoing maintenance programme.

Such programmes satisfy various codes of practice and in some cases are necessary to comply with the law. The various regulations also require that personnel working on electrical systems must be suitably trained and experienced.

CCL Services only employ trained, competent, authorised and senior authorised personnel for work on its systems. We follow strict schedules of work within a controlled and safe environment, enabling a reporting system on plant condition before and after remedial treatment as well as recommendations for future consideration to be used. A comprehensive formal report is issued to the customer upon completion of the work.

When components malfunction under fault conditions the consequences can be severe, ranging from damage to the equipment and probable plant shut down, to safety risks to personnel, with the inevitable invlovement of the health and safety regulatory bodies. Regular testing of protective devices is therefore of great importance to the integrity of any power system.

Our maintenance service provides a system preventing damage and loss of supply should a fault occur during normal operation.